A Gutzy A Day, Every Day

Eating one of our fresh and delicious, signature blends of Gutzy Organic on a daily basis is an extremely convenient & tasty way to positively manage and impact the overall benefits of your health, daily! Improving the wellness of your entire body begins with a healthy gut.
We make it so easy!

Gut Health

The Importance of Prebiotics

Our gut is at the center of our body and our well being. Until recently, the gut was ignored. We now know that the gut does a lot more than digest food and absorb nutrients. Our gut hosts trillions of Micro-organisms (bacteria) that control how we feel physically and emotionally.

The gut is composed of good and harmful bacteria. It is important to nourish and feed the good bacteria so they grow and take over the bad ones. Enter Prebiotics.  Prebiotics are plant-based dietary fiber that nourish the healthy bacteria in your stomach.

Each Gutzy Organic pouch contains 5-6g of gut-friendly organic prebiotics to help support a healthy gut.

What’s Inside

Delicious with a Purpose

Our carefully selected ingredients and perfectly balanced flavor blends, are lovingly crafted by food lovers, for food lovers. In each pouch of Gutzy Organic you will discover an extremely delicious, satisfying and appetite satiating snack experience. Maintaining a healthy gut should feel rewarding. Our complex blends of fruit, veggies and botanicals are nothing short of epicurean splendor.

Our Difference

Refrigerated is the Best

The unique way we select and blend all our ingredients including the highest –grade quality of our hand-picked premium Senegalese acacia requires Gutzy organic pouches to be refrigerated in order to preserve freshness and maximum potency.

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