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Prebiotics and probiotics: what’s the difference?
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What is gutzy?

Gutzy is a brand of organic, plant-based fruit, veggie, & botanical snacks that helps support a healthy gut.

Who is gutzy for?

Gutzy’s on-the-go pouch is perfect for busy and active folks that know the value of gut health to keep them moving.  (Gutzy is not recommended for kids under 4 because of the high fiber content.)

Has the fiber content changed?

You may have noticed that the fiber information on the Nutrition Fact Panel (NFP) has changed.

First, we confirm that there has been absolutely no changes to the ingredient formulation of any gutzy organic product.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently updated the Nutrition Facts Label on packaged food and drinks to make it easier for consumer to read and understand. Gutzy Organic is in the process of updating all its packaging accordingly.

Regarding the fiber content change: Up until January 1,2020, Acacia (prebiotic) was recognized as a dietary fiber under FDA regulations 21 CFR 172.780 and 21 CFR 184.1330. Subsequently, gutzy organic products included the acacia fiber value on each pouch’s nutrition fact panel. On January 31, 2020, the FDA announced that the body of evidence submitted by acacia manufacturers needed further research to continue classifying acacia (prebiotic) as a dietary fiber. A new clinical study was submitted in December 2020 by Acacia manufacturers. We have every confidence that the FDA will return a ruling that supports classifying acacia as a fiber. Canada, countries in Europe and around the world have long recognized acacia as a dietary fiber.

In the meantime, to comply with the FDA’s announcement, gutzy organic has taken the step to amend the fiber value on all packaging and remove the acacia fiber from the NFP. Acacia (prebiotic) is still calculated as part of the total carbohydrate content. Each gutzy organic pouch still contains 5-6g of organic acacia prebiotics, which research has shown to increase beneficial gut bacteria and support gut health.

What are the product ranges?

Fruit & Veg with Energy- and Immunity-Boosting Vitamins

Organic Apple, Strawberry, Kiwi & Kale

Organic Apple, Spinach, Kiwi & Kale

Organic Banana, Berry & Pomegranate

NEW Organic Apple, Raspberry, Blueberry & Beet

Botanicals with Immunity-Boosting & Anti-Inflammatory Ginger and Dandelion

Organic Apple, Pineapple & Passion Fruit
+ Ginger & Dandelion

Organic Apple, Strawberry & Blueberry
+ Ginger & Dandelion

What are the key benefits?

Gutzy contains only clean, plant-based ingredients that are USDA Organic certified and Non-GMO Project Verified.   Each pouch contains 5-6g of PREBIOTICS to nourish your gut and keep you moving.  The on-the-go pouch format makes it easy to get your daily dose of PREBIOTICS in a super delicious way.  Six B Vitamins and Vitamin C help to boost energy and immune functioning.   And no gluten or dairy mean that more people can enjoy the delicious benefits of gutzy.

Gut health 101?

Our gut is at the center of our body and our well-being. Until recently, the gut was ignored. We now know that the gut does a lot more than digest food and absorb nutrients. Our gut hosts trillions of micro-organisms (bacteria) that control and influence how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.   It acts as the command center for the 5 axis of human health:  immunity, metabolic, hormonal balance, cognition and gene expression.   

The gut is composed of good and harmful bacteria. It is important to nourish the good bacteria so they grow and crowd out the bad ones. Enter PREBIOTICS. PREBIOTICS are plant-based dietary fiber that nourish the healthy bacteria in your stomach. 

Why is gutzy good for our gut/digestion?

Gutzy is packed with PREBIOTICS – 5-6g in each pouch – that nourish the good bacteria (probiotics) we naturally have in our gut.   The good bacteria in the gut are responsible for the body’s healthy foundation.  What we eat either helps or hinders them in doing their job.  PREBIOTICS and plant-based foods nourish it to keep the body healthy and aids in digestion.


PREBIOTICS are plant fiber that nourishes the good bacteria in our gut – and fiber is broadly recognized to be important to maintain good health.

What is the PREBIOTIC in Gutzy?

Gutzy sources the highest-quality organic PREBIOTIC Acacia, from the the acacia tree in Senegal. 

What is the difference between PREBIOTIC and PROBIOTIC?

When you eat PROBIOTICS, you are attempting to add live bacteria to the trillions already living in your body. PREBIOTICS are the food that nourishes the good bacteria already living in your gut so they can grow and flourish to keep you healthy.

When should I consume gutzy?

Gutzy is ideal in the morning, as a light healthy snack to begin your day,  2 hours before or immediately after a workout, and anytime you need a snack to help you power through your day. 

How many gutzy pouches should I eat each day?

10g of prebiotic Acacia have been shown to increase beneficial gut bacteria over 4 weeks. 1 pouch of Gutzy contains 5-6g of prebiotic Acacia, which is why we recommend eating 1-2 pouches a day.

Why is gutzy refrigerated?

The unique way we select and blend all our ingredients, including the highest-grade quality of our hand-picked premium Senegalese PREBIOTIC Acacia, requires gutzy to be refrigerated to preserve freshness and maximum potency.  Gutzy is gently pasteurized.

How long can I keep gutzy out of the fridge?

Unlike yogurt and kombucha, gutzy products are not as sensitive to temperature fluctuations.  Gutzy may be kept out of the fridge during the day as long as the product is not exposed to excessively high temperatures. Once opened, consume cold within 24 hours.

Where can I find gutzy in-store?

You’ll find gutzy in the refrigerated case in produce near the fresh-cut fruit cups, the ‘grab and go’ snack set or in Natural Products coolers near probiotic beverages like Kombucha.  Search for a store near you on our Where to Buy page.

Can I recycle gutzy pouches?

Gutzy Organic pouches are fully recyclable through TerraCycle.  Please find information here on how to recycle gutzy’s BPA-free pouches through TerraCycle’s program.  




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