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Prebiotics and probiotics: what’s the difference?
What are they? What do they do? Why do I need them?

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What is Gutzy?

Organic plant-based fruit, veggie, oat & botanical snack for a healthy gut.

Who is Gutzy for?

For busy folks on the go (not for kids under 4 because of the high fiber content).

What is the product range?

Light Smooth Fruit & Veggie Snacks

Organic Apple Strawberry Kiwi & Kale

Organic Apple Spinach Kiwi & Kale

Organic Banana Berry & Pomegranate

All Day Breakfast – Gluten Free

Organic Apple Mixed Berries & Steel Cut Oats

Botanical Snacks

Organic Apple Pineapple & Passion Fruit
+ Ginger & Dandelion

Organic Apple Strawberry & Blueberry
+ Ginger & Dandelion

What are the key benefits?

Delicious organic fruit, veggie, steel cut oats and botanicals, gut health with prebiotic fiber (5-6g), 5g of whole grain (for the steel cut oat range only),
Vitamin B & C to keep us moving, less than 100 calories, gluten and dairy free and non-GMO.

Gut health 101?

Our gut is at the center of our body and our wellbeing. Until recently, the gut was ignored. We now know that the gut does a lot more than digest food and absorb nutrients. Our gut hosts trillions of Micro-organisms (bacteria) that control how we feel physically and emotionally.

The gut is composed of good and harmful bacteria. It is important to nourish and feed the good bacteria so they grow and take over the bad ones. Enter prebiotic fibers. Prebiotics are plant-based dietary fiber that nourish the healthy bacteria in your stomach.

Why is Gutzy good for our gut/digestion?

Gutzy has 5-6g of prebiotic fiber that feeds the good bacteria we naturally have in our gut/belly so they grow to help you stay healthy and balanced. We have 100 trillion of bacteria in our body, the majority are in our gut.

What are prebiotics?

Plant fiber that nourishes the good bacteria in our gut – fiber has been recognized to be important for a healthy life.

What is the prebiotic in Gutzy?

Organic Acacia fiber which comes from the sap of Acacia Tree (highest grade Senegal variety)

What is the difference between prebiotic and probiotic?

When you eat probiotic, you just add live bacteria to the trillions already living in your body. Prebiotics are the food on which good bacterias feed so they grow to keep you healthy. It is more preventive.

When shoud I consume Gutzy?

Ideal for breakfast or snack anytime of day, we recommend eating 1-2 a day.

Why should I eat 1-2 Gutzy everyday?

10g of prebiotic Acacia fiber have been shown to increase beneficial gut bacteria over 4 weeks. 1 pouch of Gutzy contains 6g of organic prebiotic fiber and we recommend eating 1-2 pouches a day.

Why is Gutzy refrigerated?

The unique way we select and blend all our ingredients including the highest – grade quality of our hand-picked premium Senegalese Acacia fiber requires Gutzy organic pouches to be refrigerated in order to preserve freshness and maximum potency. Gutzy is gently pasteurized.

How long can I keep Gutzy out of the fridge?

Gutzy is not as sensitive as yogurt so you can keep it out of the fridge during a day as long as the product is not exposed to excessively high temparatures. Once opened, consume cold within 24 hours.

Where can I find Gutzy in store?

In refrigerated produce coolers next to Fruit Cups and the ‘grab and go’ snack section , and also in Natural coolers near probiotic beverages like Kombucha.

Where are we distributed?

In over 3,000 supermarkets nationwide: Fred Meyer, Safeway, Hannaford, Wegmans, Shaws, Publix. People can check our store locator here: Where to Buy

What is the Price?

Between $1.89 and $2.49 per unit.