Our Story

The Beginning of Gutzy

Gutzy was born at a low point in my life. I was struggling with my business, which led to a series of health problems. I fortunately discovered the power of plants to heal, the importance of my gut health and the role it plays in my overall wellbeing.

I read everything there was to read on the subject and then I put it into practice by radically altering my diet to make sure I was feeding my gut with wholesome plant-based foods and fibers. After just a few weeks, there was a complete positive transformation in my health: glowing skin, a lighter more energized me.

The missing ingredient? Prebiotics – a special form of dietary fiber that feeds the good bacteria so they thrive and multiply while decreasing the harmful bacteria in our gut!  A single ingredient with a tremendous functional purpose. I knew that I could not be the only person that had gone through this so I started my personal mission to bring wellness to the world through organic plant based and gut healthy foods.

My experience of being on the brink of bankruptcy and failure and not giving up gave new meaning to what I was doing – I had realized the importance of being Gutzy.

David Istier



The Meaning of a Gutzy Life

Take risks, go for it and never give up! Life is awesome, but often filled with challenges. We embrace those challenges, learn from our mistakes, move forward, and become better as a result. This journey and the positive spirit required to embrace life’s challenges is made easier when you have a healthy gut.
Get Gutzy, be Gutzy, live a Gutzy life!

Gutzy Love

GutzY Loves Athletes

Athletes Love Gutzy

When your gut performs optimally, your body absorbs more nutrients, specifically vitamins and minerals. Gutzy Organic helps restore your good bacteria ratio allowing your body to perform efficiently as a result of healthy metabolic, digestive and immune systems at work.

US Rowing

United States National Team

Kristian Aleixo

Professional Race Car Driver

Ebony Morrison

200m Hurdle American Record

Isabella Echeverri

Olympian | World Cup Player
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