New Design + Eco-Friendly Packaging!

We’ve freshened up the look and lightened the construction of our pouch to deliver a mouth-watering, more eco-friendly product.

Fresh Pouch Look & Communication
The new look accentuates the mouth-watering mix of fresh fruits and veggies found in each pouch with a new glossy finish.
We’ve also strengthened the product features – including calling out 100% DV of 6 B Vitamins and Vitamin C on Fruit & Veg range pouches and ginger & dandelion for immune defense on the Botanicals range items.

8-9g Dietary Fiber Value Per pouch (29-32% RDV)
Gutzy has used organic acacia prebiotic fiber since it began. Acacia is an all-natural, plant-based source of prebiotic fiber. Research has proved acacia to be one of the most effective and best tolerated prebiotics available. Acacia has been used for hundreds of years by many cultures to support digestive health.

A recent ruling by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recognized Acacia as a dietary fiber, allowing gutzy products to include it in the Nutrition Facts panel on each pouch. The new pouch reflects this update: 8-9g of Dietary Fiber per pouch, which is 29-32% of the recommended Daily Value (DV)!

Less Packaging = 21% Less CO2 Emissions
Gutzy makes it super-easy to ‘eat the rainbow’ and get your daily dose of colorful, plant-based ingredients with gut-loving prebiotics. Each on-the-go pouch is constructed to maintain the freshness, safety and nutrition of the organic fruits and veggies used.

New innovations have allowed gutzy to use less packaging material, without compromising the safety or nutritional integrity of the product.

This latest innovation in pouch technology enables gutzy to deliver the same premium-quality product using about 8% less packaging material. Just a little less packaging material has an impressive ripple effect, reducing CO2 emissions 21% compared to our previous packaging.

Gutzy pouches are not yet curbside recyclable, but we’re committed to upcycling through our partnership with TerraCycle. We’ll continue to work towards using less and/or more renewable packaging material to support a healthier planet.