Power Up Immunity with Nutrition

We’ve been thinking a lot about the body’s immune system lately. In previous posts we’ve shared the fact that 70% of body’s immune system resides in the gut – and nourishing your gut is one of the best ways to boost its power to protect us from diseases, viruses and the like.

At Gutzy, we like to think immunity is our superpower.

We’ve curated a few tips and easy-reads for our Gutzy fans that highlight the food and nutrient choices that may make a big difference in keeping and boosting immunity – and hope it becomes your superpower, too!  We hope you find something here that’s valuable and didn’t know before (if so, let us know!).  Here they are.

The world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics . In a recent article, they point out that ‘good nutrition is essential to a strong immune system’ and that ‘no one food or supplement can prevent illness, but you may help support your immune system by including these nutrients in your overall eating plan on a regular basis’:

Harvard Health Publishing recently updated an article on boosting immunity.  Here’s what they wrote about diet and immunity:

We really like the simple messaging in a recent Parade article titled Power Up – 17 Simply Habits That Can Boost Your Immunity, focusing on plant-based foods that have the key nutrients that help the gut power-up the body’s immune defenses:

We find that focusing our efforts on what we can do to stay healthy and boost our body’s natural immune system is empowering – and really energizes us to #begutzy!